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January 4, 1962     Sanborn Weekly Journal
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January 4, 1962

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Woonsocket News Woonsocket, South Dakota Published Every Thursday Oliver F. Freed, Publisher Bernice Freed, Associate Member 1961 South Dakota Press Association National Editorial Association SUBSCON RATES In South Dakota One Year ................................................. $4.00 Two Years ................................................ $7.00 Outside South Dakota One Year ................................................ $5.00 Two Years ............................................... $9.00 Single copy 10c. Single copy mailed 15c Second class postage paid at Woonsocket, South Dakota UNPLEASANT FACTS don't go away just because we refuse to think about them. It's much more effective to face up to them and take decisive action. .,To- day we Americans are confront- ed with an unpleasant fact o gigantic proportions: F e d e r a : spending, based on present pro- posals and current trends, will reach $i00 billion annually with. in three TO five years. .The Federal budget for fiscal 1962 is perilously near $90 bllion. At the present rate of spending it won'. take long to reach $100 billion . . "How long can we continue to spend, tax, and borrow at the present rate?" Senator Harry Byrd, Democrat of Virginia, asks you that question. As the unof- fieia "watchdog of the Federal Treasury," Senator Byrd is wor- tied about our breaking point -- how soon it will come -- and we should be, too...As the Senator sees it, the solution is simple The American taxpayers must take a searching look at this country's fiscal situation and de- cide whether they want to con- tinue giving Uncle Sam a blank check for unlimited spending... Here's Senator Byrd's advice: "'We must reduce all non - de- lense expenditures which may be desirable but not necessary. L' is imperative that we keep up our military strength, but this is not possible without military pre- paredness as well."....On thing is sure. If we Americans ran our private businesses and operated our family budgets the Silver Creek... Mrs. Win. Moe Mr. and Mrs. Art Olsen and family were dinner guests Christ- mas Day at the John Maurer home and New Year's Day at the Ella Pearson home. Both were big family gatherings. Guests Christmas Day at the Win. MoB home were Ida Jacob. son, Mr. and Mrs. Wally MoB and family and Keith MoB. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Carver and sons returned Thursday night from CoJDrado where they spent Christmas in the Leon Carver and Elmer Gerard homes. Caro- lyn Carver of Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, In. also spent er vacation with the grandparents. She made the trip by train. Mr. and Mrs Dale Sterrett and family spent the holidays with their parents in Denver and La- mar, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Wally MOO and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Steichen spent New Year's Eve in the Ed Neelen home in Lane. Miss Kayleen Barstead spent her vacation with her parents, from the Huron Business College. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith of Pierre spent several days with her parents, the Harold Vallens. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Steichen and sons spent Christmas Day with them too. Mrs. Aubrey Lynch of Mt. Ayre, Ia. visited Mrs. Russell umm, wen air tanff mu,u r.J- " ,,**o" Donetta leelen ot Lane house. That may be where our Uncle is heading, unless we have the moral fortitude to stop him before it's too late. PINKOS IN FULL BAY Hayti Herald-Enterprise Once again we observe the country's pinks, leftwingers, and plain Reds, out in full bay against the conservatives whom they denominate as "extremists," "radicals" and "lunatics." The agitation was set off lately by President Kennedy when he made a blanket denunciation of all conservatives and declared em. phatically that the clear danger to our nation lay not within, but outside our shores, Last week newspapers were propagandized by a page editorial from Life Magazine, one of the country's leading pinko publications, which characteristically does not report the news objectively but slants every line along the "progres- sive" mold. The burden of its argument was that people must not look for simple, forthright solutions of problems, or probe beneath the surface. All such exploration, it contended glibly and plausibly, should be left to our leaders. In this both the President and Life ignore such up. American anachronisms which crop up constantly, like the specialized training of Com. munist pilots in this country, the sale of military equipment to potential enemies, the extension of American monetary and food aid to Reds indiscriminately. And to compound the unpatriotic fel- ony, why is it that American firms are under constant pres. sure from our State Department to imvort tinned hams from Com- munist Poland; straw purses made in Russian - controlled Hungary; coathangers from Yug- oslavia -- and Communist made products everywhere? These are 6m t ,-- .... e onsfanf and im- mediate dangers Which " would point to the need for critical ex- amination of Mr. Kennedy's own State Department. What defense has America against such un. patriotic maneuvering by our own government unless it looks to simple, forthright solutions? What ceuld Mr. Kennedy have been thinking of when he de. dared emphatically that no dan. ger whatsoever confronted Amer. ica from within? His adminis- tration is shot through with such danger as was the predecessor, administration. visited a few days in the Wally Moe home. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Moe and Keith and Pete Berens were din- ner guests New Year's Day at the Wal]y Moo home. Modasi Extension Club will meet Friday, January 5 at the Oscar Strand home. qu The first Sunday School organ. ized in the state was at Vermil- lion in 1861. Mr. Charles D. Martin, a Presbyterian lay preacher, was the organizer. WOONSOCKET NEWS 'ely 9 RocJd " "; " "' Woonsocket, S. D -- Page 2  . r-r--v,,.  Thursday, January 4, 1962 i LJI IIII I.,T,7-f Fo eslb " r urg... _:_ Mrs. John Torgerson Mr. and Mrs. Ray Briggs ]eft Huron by plane a week ago for Culver City, Calif. to spend the holidays at the home of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Briggs and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Baysinger of Junction City, Kans are par- ents of a daughter who arrived December 28th. She weighed sig pounds, 13 ounces. Lyle Jastram of Chicago spent Christmas with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Harold Jastram. Karen Marie Peterson took 6th place in the Miss Holiday contest at Huron. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goudy en- tertained the following for Christ- mas dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Har- vin Knutson and family of Hnron, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Knutson, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hetland and family of Artesian, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goudy of Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith and sons of Aberdeen, and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Knutson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Buell Jones and Gary of Huron are spending a few days at the Wilmer Nelson home. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Huffman and family of Tulsa, Okla. spent Christmas with relatives around Foresthurg Mr. and Mrs. Pat Brosnan spent Christmas with Marlin Let. ner of Rapid City. Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Olson and sons of Huron are spending a few days in Forestburg with rel- atives before moving to Spencer, In. Mr. and Mrs. Les Christenson and sons of Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Olson and sons of Huron were Christmas dinner guests at the Clyde Baysinger home. Mr. and Mrs. Richard lay- singer and Jodie, Mr. and Mrs LaMoine Torgerson and Terry, M.r. and Mrs. John Torgerson, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Torgerson and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peter- son and family were Christmas dinner guests at the Geo. Jara- bek home. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Nelson entertained the following f o r Christmas dinner: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zoss, Mr. anti Mrs. Robert Nelson, Mrs. Mac Ohls'm, My. and Mrs. Albert Goudy, Mr. and rq. Jack Petesch_ * ..... --'atte vvilovn, z,zr. atlu mrs. #,v Kit" cben and family, and Ken Me- Kay. The first daily newspaper pub- lished in the Black Hills was published at Deadwood on April 7, 1877. This was the second daily published in the whole of Dakota Territory. WHAT WILL 1962 BRING? Some truths have been fairly well exposed during 1961 --many more are still hazy. "The truth shall make you free." But it is predicted that our struggle will be a long, torturous process -- even if freedom is still possible. The enemy moves relentlessly in, making enormous gains in spite of all we do .... The Bible is no longer the world's best-seller. It now holds third place, below writings of Khruschev and Lenin. SHOCKING TRUTHS: Cuba, Laos, the Berlin wall, Katanga and GoB, -- all disgraces to the U. S., which have shaken world confidence in us. That's nothing new -- but is all part of the conspiracy and may be further convincing the world that we'd rather be Red! FINE SPEECHES mean noth- ing unless proven by action. Washington while crushing us with taxation, says one thing and does the opposite. We supply fighting material (Katanga); ma- chines (to Russia); billions of dollars (to Reds and pro -Reds directly and indirectly); and food; to keep the Communists go- ing -- our foreign policies favor them consistently. Labeling such actions stupid and weak is no consolation. The U. S. is plainly weakening for the kill, or strate- gic surrender, as the Pentagon calls it. O N L Y A SHOW 0 F STRENGTH could hold back ag- gression. We've poured out our strength in the wrong places. Only a miracle can reverse our bureaucracy's unwise un - Amer- canism. Military Morale?? ANOTHER SHOCKING TRUTH kas been the muzzling of our military. The author of "The Pentagon Case" has an informa- live article in December "Mer- cury" magazine, "Why Johnny Won't Re-enlist": (excerpts) -- "A part of communist strategy is to lower the morale of U. S. fighting men .... Why do one- third of the men in the U. S. armed forc- z: every x,ar, in- stead of re-enlisting? The men in the Kremlin know, for they are doing everything they can to stampede the rush to the exits... This appalling rate of turnover wastes a large part of the bulk of our national budget which goes for defense... "Discipline is the backbone of a fighting organization, but mo. rale is Rs driving force .... Knowing this, the Soviet psychol. ogical warriors concentrate on undermining the (military) o! their intended victims -- long in advance of any open hostilities. "...The U. S. publicly de- dares that it will never strike the first blow. Such a declara- tion insures that the work of sub. version can go on undisturbed... The extent of Communist direct- ed subversive activity in the U. S. is almost too vast for the human mind to comprehend. The HCUA has stated that the Krem- lin has succeeded in enlisting more than a million Americans into a nationwide campaign of political subversion. The ABA's Special Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives reported that the Communists are spending more than three billion dollars a year on propa- ganda which is reaching every city and hamlet in the U.S .... Primarily it involves the warp- ing of public opinion...(through) magazines, books, lectures, movi- es, plays, radio, TV, textbooks and sermons... "...Gen. LeMay urged that we 'restore military personnel of all ranks to the position of re. spect and esteem which they once held in this country' .... FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (says) 'we might ask ourselves what action we have taken when we have noted instances glorify. ing crime or the criminal on the movie or television screens' (a well as what have we done to bankrupt the merchants of filth. . .vulgar and degrading trash on the newsstands). "Since time immemorial, sex has been used as a bait to sub- vert fighting men...More than 30 so - called men's magazines published in the U. S. are filled with anti - military articles, fea- tures and stories aimed at un- dermining the morale of our men in uniform. (They) portray U. S. servicemen as drunks and degenerates, their officers as stu- pid or cowardly, and their wea- pons and equipment as inferior to the enemy's. During one recent period, more than 60 major war films were being shown in theatres all over the U.S., in addition to the deluge of war films released for TV. Most...contain material which is obviously anti - military, yet many ,,r thln erc produced with the co-operation and ap- proval of the Dept. of Defense and the Armed Services which they attack. ". .The production of such movies increases the sales of these books (from which they are taken) by millions of copies .... The movies are then circulated to our overseas bases and ships | JO JO STORE WOONSOCKET, S. DAK. Ladies $4.98vahe SWEATERS $1.99 Seamless - h'r. of better quality NYLONS 2 pr. $1.00 Bulky - $10.95 value I lot SWEATERS 54.88 00i00idi00i ' off Cord & Wool slacks one-third off Values to $9.98 SKIRTS $3.98 GOING AT PRICE! Limited and broken sizes Come on the run for this BLOUSES- LADIES HATS DRESSES MATERNITY DRESSES Ladies and Childrens HOUSE COATS Rubber tip - Reg. 25c BOB PINS 2cards 25c All Mens and Boys DRESS JACKETS 25% off Boys GAUZE DIAPERS2Ox40 $2.19 ht PARKAS 8tol4only $5.88 $ H 0 E$  First Qua "y Ladies F  X90 "  KLEENEX Sheet Blanket t PiidandsZi pe DRESSES BLANKET ,oo00+ 81 x 108 Satin bound $2.19 25c at sea, as 'free entertainment.' "ALL of this is part of a global propaganda campaign .... The Kremlin has a healthy dread of armed conflict, and with good reason. Over 76 per cent of the 12,000,000 Russians mobilized in the first World War were casual- World War H, when 12,500,000 were mobilized, it is known that their losses were ap- palling...when a Communist na- tion of 180 million people attacked Finland (4 million)...the Finns destroyed more than one-third of the attacking Red Air Force and killed 200,000 Red Army troops-- more than eight times Finland's losses of 24,923 killed and miss" ing. "To put down the Hungarian rebellion in Budapest alone, the Soviets used 2,000 new T - 54 tanks, with another 2,000 in re. serve...against civilians whose principal weapon was the home- made gasoline bomb. In spite of these precautions, Russians fought side by side with the de- fenders, and helped more than 200,000 Hungarians to escape in- to Austria. In any war, the Krem- lin now realizes, her own troops as well as her satellite slaves will turn on her at the first op. portunity. "...The morale of a nation is as vulnerable as that of its fighting forces -- especially when the attackers are protected by the laws of the nation they seek to destroy...The very laws de- signed to insure the freedom of our press have been used by our enemies to weaken us for the kill. "...Most disturbing, however, is the tendency of many high civilian officials -- _including Pres. Kennedy himself -- to take precipitate action against mili- tary personnel who speak out against Communist subversion, as in the case of Maj. Gen Ed- win A. Walker. "...The outcome...will be decisive in the Cold War. For, unless he is led by officers who I understand and who can con their men regarding the na of the enemy and his tacti Johnny will have no stomach military service -- and when tt chips are down, he will not enlist." (Of course the full a cle brings out further detail.) FURTHER TRUTHS such i the history of events prior Pearl Harbor, many years muzzling the FBI, many failul of socialism, welfare statis etc., must be understood and St ed upon before freedom ts We PUBLICITY AND BILLI0 given toward fallout shelters be more wasted effort unle subversives are cleaned out our Federal Communicatie Commission. In case of atta shelters would be of no use wi out proper warning. There h been repeated statements t Communists control our FCC WE ARE ALL TO BLAME you can help effectively by wz ing your congressmen and I voting right. We could get State Dept. cleaned up, stop t of Commie literature s strenghten laws on subversion For Sale: Alfalfa - Sweet Clover All kinds of Forage See All Broo]:.ngs Tested FARM SUPPLIES Fencing, Posts, Butler BiJ All at reasonable pricd Farmers Elev. Ct Forestburg, S. D CHARME BEAUTY SHOP January Specials Mgr.-Operator - June Peterson Operator- De Ann Christensen Owner and Mgr.-Operator - Kathryn Kunze Open Wed. and Sat. 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