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January 4, 1962     Sanborn Weekly Journal
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January 4, 1962

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Artesian Locals OIMS ol tht Commonweth oh sale at Noell's Store each week, Mrs, L, B, NoeH. phone CA8-$ Mr. and Mrs. James Riehards and daughter of Minneapolis spent New Years at the Ann Hanson home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart and family of Kimball visited at the Harold Shoemaker home Fri- day. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Moore and family, Mr. and Mrs How- ard Bechen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moore and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Max Wetzel of Wess. Svrint, s were Christmas guests at the Walter Moore home. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schmit and boys were Wednesday eve- ning guests at the Joseph Schmit home in Woonsocket. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Weld left Saturday for Lawton, Okla where he is stationed in Fort Sill. Mrs. Weld is the formor Nancy Noell. Mr. and Mrs. Weld were honored at a reception in the Salem cb,,rch Thursday. Mrs. Pearl Roberts entered St. John's Hospital in Huron Thurs- day. Bette Goudv ot Winner spent Christmas vacation at home. Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Cri-oen and family were S,,-dav euests at the Chester Cranda11 borne in Forestbur and were New Years euests of Mrs. Hazel Crippen in Woonsocket. Mr. and Mrs. Royal Gaston and cbildren and Mr. and MrS. L. B. Noell were New Year's Eve guests at the Francis Schmit home. The Schmits were New Year's dinner guests in the L B. Noell borne. Mrs. Pearl Roberts snent Christmas holidays with the Al- len Walker family in Huron. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Laird of Fulton visited at the Walter Moore home New Year's Eve. Dick Locbv of St. Lo,is, Mo. pent the Christmas holidays at home. Henry Jones and Albert Torger- son returned home from Ohio Saturday. Mrs. Francis Kelly entered St. Joseph's Hospital Wednesday eve- ning. Donald Hufford entered the Methodist Hospital Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bedford of I/apid City snent Christmas holidays bore with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Goll and W. H. Overholser of Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. erman Kindvall and John were Christmas guests at the Martin Overholser home. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Walker and family of Aberdeen, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Moody and fam- ily were Friday evenin visitors mt the Minnie Glenn home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maaek of Sitka, Alaska, Mr. and Mrs. Har- vey Threadeold were Tuesday supper guests at the home of Mrs. Hans Asper. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shoe. maker and family of Bismarch, N. Dak. and Mrs. Walter May, Sr. were Friday supper guests at the Robert Clyde home. Mrs. Myron Olmsted of Huron spent the week end at the Emmit Barta home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hufford land family of Sioux Falls, Mrs. Lena Hufford, Lewis and Donald rpent Christmas Dav at the Bert Hufford home in Huron. St. Thresa Band of the Altar Society met at the O. K. Tysdal home with Mrs. Hugh Brady, co- hostess Wednesday evening. Mrs. Dayton Gilreath won the door prize. Officers for 1962 were named as follows: Mrs. Kenneth McKfllop, chairman; La Vonne Kuborn, sac. - treas. Drawing of the new servin committee for '62 was held. Mrs. R. J. Vauglm was a guest. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kotbe and Edward, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Thorson were Sunday dinner guests at the J. D. Hank home in Howard. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Asper and daughter of Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maack of Sitka, Alaska, Mr. and Mrs. Vernie As- per and family and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Asper and family of Brook- ings, Mrs. Helen Asper and girls of Woonsocket, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thompson of Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peterson and Mrs. Hans Asper were Sun- day dinner guests at the H. B. Threadgold home in Fedora. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fridley and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Roy Knust home. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Olwell and son of St. Charles, Ill. spent Christmas week at the Frank 1- well home, also Ed Olwell of Pickstown and James Olwell o[ Buffalo Gap. William Rowan returned home from te hospital Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wendell, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bilka and family and Mrs. DeNeve were afternoon guests at the Lyl e Wendell home on New Year's Day. The Methodist men held a rab- bit hunt Thursday. Rev. Vedal and some mem- bers of the First Lutheran Church joined with the members of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church on a rabbit hunt Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Russell Dean went by plane to Oregon where she spent the holidays with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tompkins and family of St. Charles, Ill spent the holidays visiting rela- ires here. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Walker and family of Aberdeen spent the past week with relatives here and in Fedora. Mr. and Mrs. Lennart Sund- strom and family were in Sioux Falls Friday visiting at the Har- old Kelsey and Edward McGuire homes. They were overnight guests at the Harold Kelsey home. Daniel and Timmy Me- Guire returned home with them to visit a few days. Mrs. Carl Hesler, Mrs. Berk- ley Ott and children and Janet Glenn visited at the Robert Kap- pel home in Woonsocket Friday. Bette Goudy of Winner was a Sunday guest in the Carl Hesler home. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hosmer were New Year's Eve supper guests at the Orrin Thompson home in Fedora. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Olson and family were New Year's Eve guests in the Ed Johnson home. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Satter were New Year's dinner guests in the Fred Lauer home in Sioux Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Delaney Trusty were Friday overnight guests in the Dalton Trusty home in Cham- berlain. Dabble returned home after visiting with her grandpar- ents. Guests at the Dayton Gilreath home over the holidays were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wiechmann and family of Baudette, Minn., Mrs. Homer Dickson of Mr. Ver- non and Mrs. Mary Morrow. Mrs. DeNeve will enter the St. Joseph Hospital in Mitchell this week for a cataract operation on her eye. Shirley and Sharon Grunewaldt of Sioux Falls spent the week end at home. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Morrow and Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Ridgeway of Ravinia were Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Gilreath. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grune- waldt and boys were Wednesday dinner guests at the Louise Scha- hot home in Woonsocket. Mr. and Mrs. Reinold Rice and family and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Paterson were New Year's din- ner guests at the Rodney Hall borne in Sioux Falls. "And in my .... ,t you to  e government off without a penny" isn't always, possible -- but much can be done to reduce taxe Why not investigate now! Phone 167w i DON BOHR ? esident Manager Ki.00 Merritt & Co.  .oializing in Mutual Funds Howard, S. Dak. :. @ @ @ " THe. MANION "- . FORUM " 000000000000000000 By Clarence E. Manion All political soundings indicate that a big current of Conserva- tism is running through the Unit- ed States today. Whom will it serve and what does it portend for the United States and for mankind? Modern politicians are confus- ed and uncertain. They are not even sure about the meanin of the word "Conservative." F o r the superficial, it has something to do with clockwork. Liberals who are vexed about the Con- servative political soundings are sure that Conservatism is a whimsical wave of nostalgia, rid- den by those who wish to turn back the clock to the 19th or even to the 18th Century. But no one is confused and all agree when the talk is about "Conservation." Quite clearly a Conservationist is one who is in- terested in preserving our store of natural resources -- the min- erals, top-soil, forests, water, and wild-life of our country. The dif- ference between Conservatives and Conservationists is in their respective inventories of valuable natural resources that they desire to see conserved and defended against waste and exploitation. Conservatives have added to this list the irreplaceable spir. itual and legal resources of our country that are found in our Declaration of Independence and in the American Constitutional system. Without these resources, our material and physical assets would never have been pros- perously developed, nor could they now be safely preserved for ourselves and our descendants. The greatest natural resource we have is the heritage of God- fiven liberty embedded in our Constitutional system, and this is precisely the resource that has suffered disgraceful wastage and exploitation by a political gener. anon of neo - liberalism. Today ponnlar opinion has turned strongly atainst the continuation of this short-sighted spoilaUon of oar Ume - tested system of Con- stitutional government. Millions of Amerlcans now know that the inflexible objective of Commu- nism is a one - world Socialist state, ruled by a band of God- less gangsters. More and more of us are be- ginning to see that the progres- sive Socialism and centralism of our government, accompanied by the contin.ous surrender of our national independence to various agencies of Internationalism, is conditioning the United States for a quick Communist take-over of our country. Local eovernment is controll- able by the people who are sub- ject to it. This is why the fram- ers of our Federal Constitution were careful to provide that only certain specified powers would be exercised by the Federal Gov- ernment which, for practical pur- poses, is bvond the reach of the average citizen. To clinch their convictinn that the bulk of our government should be kent clo.,e to tho who are overaed. the final article of the Bill of RiCht.s rovlde that: "The nower nt delegated tn the United ,Qtte hv the Constttn nor vrobihite4 by it to the States are reerved to the States re. spectively or to the peole." Strict e-forcement of this Strict enforcement of this ten- th Amendment would rke it im- possible for o-r central Federal Government tn control !noal Do- ice foroe,, inDn.nd ballot box. es, nationaizo industry, abolish religious services, chance the Mr. s-d f-. A. M. Marler and family were Sunday dinner euests at the arl Marler home in Letcg Mrs. i chman returned home S,t,,,.a-,,, ,,nin fter a w dv i- Woehstor with her d.t.,. ,, -d Mrs. Martin Marsden. flTaha,, r,;+., rtrl, x,or e F'i- dnv ev; ..... -t t tge Ds]e Torri 1  -J eir was a .q,,ndav -n-+ ,-,-. and Mr --- ---- -,--,n Weble were ]kT,... -'---,- d;.,--- alberto 'M'P. -    t,.. r,ette,orl" rnk r,, "" ,"' M"q. Leo &dol;-, "" e ,-:a Oil v 'nent 1.* ' :-;';n ro|attves the Er-,,-" "" "" -"" '--, in Fe- dora n,,e ....... -,,ton borne in Artemis- Mr. n ,,n "" "" -ore srnt Chritm ....  -,qu, Gere ame i, "" *. " and Oarvl ,o ......... ;- t'e Martin C're hn,-, - ,dnesdav and ,'rhnrsd,, Mr,.  ....... *t -',d chiMren 't Sat, ,-.-- - cHand, Nebr. after visiti .... ,,1drives here for a week. WOONSOCKET NEWS Woonsocket, S. D. -- Page 6 Thursday, January 4, 1962 laws of private property owner- s_ p, and assume management of all education and information media. Those are the things the Com- munist conspirators always do in the final processes of capturing their target countries from the in- side. It is what they plan to do to the people of the United States. If the swelling tide of Ameri- can Conservatism is to wash its way into Washington in time to save the Constitutional resources of this country, the millions of apprehensive people who com- pose that restless tide must pin their hopes upon Congress and they must do so in a concert of co-ordinated intelligent action. The only question about the big wave of popular Conservatism has to do with its effectiveness. Will it spend itself in wetting the grass roots of popular opinion or, for instance, will it frighten official Washington into a realis- tic appraisal of the Communist conspiracy against us? Organized Conservative Clubs all over the conntry could lead to the peaceful liberation of man- ]rind and the restoration of those F'ecious American resources which we now stand to lose for- ever. Readers interested in forming their own Conservative Clubs may obtain instructions, free of charge, by writing to Dean Manion, South Bend, Indiana. rbyd... Mrs. A. A. Drake Mr. and Mrs. Paulsrud and family of Cbetek, Wis. w ere fuests of Mr. and Mrs. Camden Thomas at Christmas. Other rel- atives were dinner guests there also. Mrs. Drake and Eliner, Idella Alfson, Mrs. Cornish Jansen and children were Thursday afternoon luncheon guests of Mrs. Irene Eddy at Woonsocket. Gifts were exchanged. This has been an annual affair for many years and enjoyed by every one. Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Duck of Canova were dinner guests of the Drakes Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Newma and family and Agnes Newman spent Christmas Day with Mrs. Lyle Newman's mother, Mrs. Miller at Lennox. Mrs. L. New- man and children spent the week there visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Hollander, Mr. and Mrs. Drake and Eliner and Mr. and Mrs. R. Bechen and Russell were Christmas Day guests at the Ed Beehen home. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Pearson spent the week end of the 25th with Mrs. Pearson's mother at Selby. They spent Christmas at the John Maurer home, where other relatives also spent the day. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Rhoads and children spent Christmas week end with relatives at Rapid City. Mr. and Mrs. V. Effling and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Drake and Eliner visited at the Ray Kludt home Sunday afternoon to see the little granddaughter of Kindts from Rapid City, little Marchelle Kelley. Rev. and Mrs. J. Hurmann, pastor of Pearl Wesleyan Metho- dist Church, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the par- sonage Saturday afternoon and evening with an open house and a program. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Rhoads entertained their four sons and families at their home Tuesday evening. They are Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Rhoads and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frances Rhoads and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Rhoads and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rhoads and Bruce "- Traub. * Fedora... - Mrs. Will ChHstensop A Happy' New Year t3 all. Mr. and Mrs Arth:a" Sandenc and Brent of Omaha, Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. Mamice Klatt and family of Trinp spent the week end at the orteu S' home. Mr. and Mrs. Pavl Jones and son of Lon, Lake, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jones and boys of St. Charles, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Don Jones of Foestb-rg and Jack Jo-es and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Jones we-e dinner guests at the Jessie B,,c'olz home in Howard Christmas Day. Pfc. Jack of Ft. Lewis, Wash. is sgendin P'e holidays at te L'o,'d tes }'ome. Christmas dve etests at the Ernie Wubbrt ome were Mr. and Mrs. Al Kn,tson of Clark, Mr. a.d Mrs. Kennet Knutson of Artesian, AdeHne Knutson of waoid Pity, a.d X,,ne Wexaner of Sioux Fatls. Adeline spent a few days tere. Leon Sl,mn .d family WhO spent a few days in the west part of tt'e state returned home Friday night, i David Ager of Brookings was an overi,t ,st at P'e Ernie Hnbbart ho'e Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fish and son were supper guests at the George Everhart home Friday night.. Mrs. Ida Kelsey was hostess Christmas l,Mr, and Mrs. Earl Clarke of Holrd, Mrs. Alma Floholm and childln of Artesian, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Root of Hur- on, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hall and daughter of Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bran and family of Fedora, Mr. and Mrs. Blair Kelsey and family of Mitchell joined them in the afternoon and exchange gifts were opened. The occasion was also the 25th wedding anni- versary of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bran. The three tiered cake was baked and decorated by Mrs. Lloyd Hall in blue and white trimmings and bells adorned the three tiers and the top with but- terflies in the wings. They were presented with a nice blanket. Callers congratulating them were Mr. and Mrs. Galen Kelsey, Mr. and Mrs. Hagen Kelsey, Mr. and Mrs. Torsten Slemmen and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall. Richard Brown, who is in the service and spendin a few days at home, spent Friday afternoon at the Mrs. Will Christenson home. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Pearson and Gary and family and Clell Banks and family were supper guests at the Ed Banks home Tuesday eve- ning. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kinsley were visitors at the Wallace Kes- sel home near Carthage and were supper guests Christmas evening. Dean Mehlum and family of Sioux Falls and Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Peterson, Jr. and family were dinner guests at the Bennie Peterson, Sr home for Christ- mas. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brooks of Madison were dinner guests at he Merwyn Walter home Satur- day. Mrs. Denzil Kinsley and Kin of Murdo were visitors at the Har- old Kinsley home Wednesday eve- ning. Mrs. Will Christenson spent Christmas at the Thorne Lee home in Madison. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Morgan and Mrs. Bonnie Peterson, Jr. drove to Sioux Falls Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester O'Neal and family spent Christmas at the Fred Kothe home. John re- mained for a few days visit there. (Last Week) Tami Davids, dauehter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Davids won the chord organ, first prize at a con- test in Howard. She wants to say thanks to all those who voted for her. The annual alumni banquet will be held at the Fedora church December 30th at 6:30 p.m. T h e Fedora Rebekah Lodge met at the home of Mrs. Dwight Kramer with an exchange of Christmas gifts. Potluck lunch was served. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Albert Wendt and officers are to be installed. Mrs. Will Christenson spent Christmas at the Thorne Lee home in Madison. The Fedora High School band and mixed chorus presented a combined Christmas program De- cember 21 at the community hall. The hand presented a prelude with the main program consist- ing of the Christmas story. Mr. Koster acted as narrator Ray Johnsen and Start Kiug directed the music The scenes were fixed by the music directors and the high school students. Juanita Hubbart was pianist The Christ- mas story was read and the choir sang religious songs to go with it. Following the religious part of the program, Christmas f u n songs were sung, with the com- munity singing led by Mr. Klug. Lunch was served after the pro- gram with the band mothers serving. There was a ve., large attendance. Gene Koster of Selby spent a few days last week at the Henry Koster ome. Leon Sloan and family left Fri- day for Custer for a visit with relatives and her father, Frank Stiles who is in a hospital. Henry Koster and faro Gene Koster drove Wednesday for a visit with the sister, Mrs. Betty Schlueter. Mr and Mrs. Henry Koster left Sat urday for Solby to spend theR school vacation with relat i v e  there. Mrs. Marie Hummel of De Smet attended the Fedora Ladies Aid Thursday. Albert Peterson and son, Ken -I neth left the last of the week for California for a visit with his father, Matt Peterson and other {2 relaUves and friends there. ---,  Betty Threadgold entertained .... the fifth grade girls at a slumber party on her birthday, December FI 19th. Mrs. Elizabeth Walter of 11- No m linois is here visiting in the Har- vev Bennett, Merv'n Walter. m= _ and LaVern Walter homes. man Mrs. Ella Fox and Robert Fox,.To fl and family were dinner guests form Christmas at the Ray Hylland - nine in Howard. I z Mr. and Mrs. James Leith and our Ronda of Sioux Falls are here figur visiting at the Reuben Hubbart woz home. -I lmun Mrs. Arthur Kelsey has return- ed home from the hospital Mitchell. NOW! 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