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April 1, 1954     Sanborn Weekly Journal
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April 1, 1954

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W1 lation of the Sunday School teach- ers. substitutes, and officers. No Luther League this Sunday• Trinity Ladies Aid Guest Day text Wednesday at 2:00 with Mrs. Clarence Larson, Mrs. Harold Mathis, Mrs. Alfred Godfrey, and Mrs. Harlan Digerness as hostess- es. Storla and Immanuel Ladies Aids are invited besides others. J-anior Mission Society also Wednesday a:8:00 wtith Janice and LoRayne Johnson as hostess- es. Lenten Services next Thursday at 6:00 at Storla. prayer Hour Friday at 3:00 at the parsonage• ' L.etcher. Loomis Congregafioml Churches J. H Brooks - StudentMinister I..etcherl Church Service at 10 a.m• Sunday School at 11:00 a.m. Loamis Sunday School at 10:15 a.m. Church service at 11:15 a.m. The Sermon theme for both churches will be: "The Surren- dering Saviour." Lsembly o Tabernacl. Wnsocket Rev. M. Petersen Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. There is an irteresting and spiritual class for you. Worship Service at 11:00 a.m. Communion service following worship. Christ's Ambassadors at 7:30. A service designed for young people. Evangelistic Service t 8:00 p.m. Presenting the need of the field of Liberia, Africa. A welcome awaits you at every service. Weekly tho%ght: Christianity is not a religion; it is life! Christ- ianity is not a set of religious ideas, it is a person, the Lord Je- sus Christ. Wesl.yan dtst Church Artesian W E. Moulton, Pastor Sunday School 10 A. M. Morning service 11 A. M. W. Y. P. S. 7:00 P. M. Evening service 7:30 P. M. Prayer meeting Wed. 7:30 P. M. Choir practice Thurs. 8 P. M. A.rtesian Msi Church Peter Moe, Pastor Mrs. M. W. Scott, pianist Wor.hip service 10 A'M. Sunday schoo! I1 A.M. Farwell Methodist Church Mrs. Harold Naser, pianist Sunday school 10:30 A.M. First Methodist Church Woonsccket Stuart A. Parvin, Minister "The FriendJy Church with the Chimes." Fifth Sunday in Lent. 11:00 Morning Worship with Mr. Loren Tiede presiding. Ser- mon by the mirAster, "The Cross As the Key To Life", Music by our Sanctuary Choir and Knights of Wesley. Host and Hostesses Mr. and Mrs. Guy Smith. Ushers for this service, T. R. Brisbine and Robert Brewer. 6:00 M. Y. F. Supper in charge of Mrs. Ross Brewer, Mrs. How- ard Taylor and Mrs. Fred Ammon. Group singing by Judy Ritter and stunt by Jerry Lee Peterson, Le- ra Ammon and Art Nielson. 6:30 Youth Chapel with Rev. Wayne D. Melmericah of Mt. V :- non, as speaker. Devotions Jim- mie Smith and Dick Brisbine. Music by Girl's Quartet. 8:00 Lenten Vespers with Rev. Helmericah as speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fisher and Mr. and: Mrs. Gerald Peterson, in charge .of refreshments• Ushers Jimmie I Smith and Lennie Swanson. Thursday 8 to 9 a.m. Lenten Vigils. Holy Communion served during the hour. I 4:15 - Knights of Wesley meet- ]ing. 1 7:00 - Girls Puppet Club. 7:30 - The Sanctuary Choir. 8:30 - Men's Chorus will meet for rehearsal• First Lutheran. Artesian Dwane Shay, Student Pastor Divine Worship 8:45 A. M. Sunday School 10:00 A. M. Forestburg Lutheran Worship service at 10:00 a.m Bethanl Lutheran Church Woonsocket Worship service at I1:15 a.m. Palm Sunday services as the =b;ve hours. E:;:;ter Day SeI'viee as the above iGurs. N. W. BUTI,ER Mrs• hrvln, lngaury Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Kingsbury were supper guests at the Duane Stekl home Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Chuck MeKillop and family of Sioux Fails spent the weekend at the Chas. Latza home. Miss Lou Latza is now working in Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Watznauer Of Huron and Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Boyle ac, d boys of Bismark, N. Dak. were supper guests at th, Arvin Kingsbury home Saturday Worship service lla30 A.M. evening• The Ed Goudys and Bei- rut te of Aberdeen spent the even- Zion Immanu heran Church! ing there. LANE Gerald W. Koehler, Pastor Sunday, April 4: Sunday. School and Adult Bible class at 9:30. Worship at 10:30. Luther League at 8. Parents of Leaguers, thfirmation Mrs. Lee Dolan.f San Diego and Eugene Delveaux of Cavour spen{. Sunday at the Glen Kings- bury$. Mr. and Mrs. Lo,Mell Kane and family spent Wednesday at the Duane Stekls. , Mr. and Mrs. Homer Parce re- IRONING PAD and COVER SET • THICK TTED cotton pad-- • $ERV|CJABLE WEIGHT €oHon flann,. r wtlh elastic edge. Fits *11 dard 54" boards. REGULAR $1.59 VALUE - Co.llignon00,'s00. Give your chicks a safe, srong start with new Wayne Produc- tive Efficiency. Feed Wayne High Energy Chick Starter for fast, early growth. Gives you more gain per bag of feed.--Local I Elevator Co,. Woonsocket. lc r i N. ,. of TOWN I by Mrs. W. Gensiehen) I Mr. and Mrs. Clem Grassel and family of Forestburg spent Sun- day at the Henry Kobriger home. Mr. and Mrs. Morris of Ethan and Mr. and Mrs. George Regyn- ski of Mitchell spent Sunday at dis,:ase, to spread knowledge about it, and to encourage its pre- vention and scientific treatment. This year, the American people mark the 50th year of their cam- paign against TB. And it has been their own campaign: supported by their voluntary contributions of time, work, and money; carried on by them in their home com- munities in accordance with local cor, ditions. This democratic or- gamzation conceived by the fouu- ders of the ETA, working in cooperation with official agencies, has conu-ibuted greatly toward progress in TB control. Tuberculosis has not been de- the Chas. Regynski home. feated. Approximately 400,000 M ........ pe,)ple have this disease today r. ann Mrs. 1". v:. t_;allan OT ,  " . ..... ., • • - ..... . .... , ,viany oI mem flo not g-now me :vntcneu were visitors at me Tom ...... Y alla homeFrdav. • nave rt, ao not Know that they CMrnand Mrs.itienry Kobriger are spreading this insidious di- • " . I sease to others while their own called at the Henry Hinker nome condition rows worse - e- Saturday, to visit Mrs. Hinker li i" ' g . . • The co t 12 lVeS, In money, in nUlTlan mls who has been ill for sveral days.- ' - Rambling Around Our Town Looks like I'm in the dog house --however, we did understand that this rambling was to be for the few weeks, but if you want to read these ramblings - we're willing to continue to ramble . . . And speaking of dogs guess it was Shakespeare who said, "Let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew, and the dog will have his day." Here we go and a lot of this rambling is ab2ut - well, just dogs! ... A little fellow was coddling a moth-eat- en, mangy cur, and talking tO him in very affectionate terms. A pas- sing gentleman stopped and in- quired kindly, "What kind of a dog is that, sonny? .... A police dog, sir" the boy replied. "A police dog! He doesn't look like one!" exclaimed the man. "Oh, I' know it," was the calm answer, ing the great national and inter- national programs which extend your helpfulness to people far removed from us in time and space. We touch their byes, and they touch us because, through the Red Cross, we are all good neighbors. So we join the Red Cross in l calling for a great Membership Mobilization which will draw in- to its ranks all men and women of goodwill. If you have already joined, ask your neighbors to join too. If you have not yet signed up, be a good neighbor and join today. S Rand-McNall¥ Road Atlas - U. . Canada and Mexico - at the News oHice. Most hard seeds of alfalfa, in general, will break down and al- cry is high• The organized forces i! ow germination with a month in axainst TB do not underestima,( : the field. the enemy, but they are sure )fl his final defeat. Democrats Change Their Spots After Twenty Years From Congressman Lovre's Weekly Newslatter From Washington "As this is written, we are in the midst of a bitter partisan tax fight. The party that has been kncwn for "tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect" has now reversed its field and be- con e the champion of the tax- payer--the little taxpayer, so they say During the 20 years the Demo- crats were in power, we find: D- rect tax collections from the in- dividual citizens went up from 5427 million to more than $30 billion or 70 times as much. Tax collections from corporations 100 BABY CHICKS GIVEN EVERY 500 LBS. FEED APRIL 3 ATTHE Farm AT LANE, S. DAK. Free Coffee and Donuts served Chicks furnished by WELCO FEED CO. Manufacturers of Polaroid lm at the Woonsoc. ket News tt Sweet as Honey Golden Valley - 303 cream style CORN 1 "But you see, he's in the secret \\;vent up from $630 million to service" . . . It doesn't matter i more than $21 billion or 35 times what kind of a dog it is, he is i much. Sales ax collections-- man's best friend and so we hu-i "axes on everything everybedy mans love him . . . We know you i buys--went up from $454 million have seen Spike sometime or t $9 billion or 20 times as much. otherhe's the little black dog Individual income tax exempt- that used to be down at the lum- ber yard--but it seems like he has disappeared and he is greatly Tnissed. If you have seen the little fellow, the boys there would like to know about it... "Come right in, Sambo," called the farmer to the man as he approached the house. "Don't mind the dog. He won't hurt you. You know a bark- ing dog never bites" Sambo: "Sure boss, ah knows dat, but ah don't know how soon he's goin' to stop barkin." There were some very happy Boy Scouts as they won a blue ribbon for their ex- hibit at the Scout Exposition in Huron. Our Cub Scouts had a very beautiful booth and they took a red ribbon . . . Maybe this should make us think. A boy of our town (who is outstanding in woodwork) said: "All I know about wood work I learned from my shop teacher" . . . It too, was our shop teacher . . If some young person, when he "comes up into" life and responds the right way, and says of you or me, "All I know about life--I learned from him" that should bring a deep sense of satisfaction . . . I have been asked to mention, it again, as some people would hke to see every part of our town beautiful. We need paint and we need work- ers for the band shell. It would be fun for us to do it! How about it? A quart of paint and a few hours of work . . . We are right in the midst of setting up for the Hobby Show and it looks like- the community is really backing it up -- for which we say, "Thanks" .. Watch out today ... it is April first and you may be fooled ... and with April comes spring ... and with spring comes the awakening of all nature. By A Rambler HEALTH FOR ALL Organization Against Disease Just 50 years ago, on March 28, 1904, a group of men attending a lecture on tuberculosis at the Henry Phipps Institute in Phila- delphia unanimously passed a res- olution which was to have a far- reaching effect on the lives of all Americans since that day. It read: "R,,solved, that we here assembl ed do now organize ourselves in- to a United States Society for the Study and Prevention of Tuber- culosis." A committee was appointed draft a constitution and by-lawn, select a suitable name, and call ions were reduced 4 times since 1931 curing the exemption from $1500 to $500. The Republican l0th Congress increased the ex- emption fl'om $ to $600 'over Democratic opposition in 1948. When the Democrats took o\\; i 1933, a married man with two children paid $68 tax on a net in- come of $5,000. When the Demo- crats went out of ower, thi same man was ay.g $461, or nearly 7 times a§ mtxeh. In additic, n, the party who t: day is masquerading at the chain. pions of the American taxpaying public was able ta increase the National Debt h-om $20-billion to $260 billion. Who is fooling whom? One of the major responsibilities of this Congress is a sound fiscal pro- gram. There is no security in a hSankrupt nation. The solution is less spending, paying our way and tax reduction. This Cong- ress is on that road. Last year, we cut $13 billion in spending from what had been requested by the Truman Administration. Sin- ce January 1 we have granted .$7 billion in tax relief with $4.7 bil- lion tax relief granted to the in- dividual taxpayers and with $2•3 billion in relief to the corporat- ions. In addition a balanced bud- get is in sight. The time has long passed for passing our bills on to our children and grand chil- :lren. 2ruly, it has been strange t -watch the actions of some of these people fl'om the other party." Hospital Notes A Wmting Memorial: Mrs. Floyd Elenz, March 27; Mrs. Ira Mern- man, March 29. Memorial: Mrs. Florence heel- en, and Denise Schroeder of Woonsocket. St. John's: Mrs. Marvin Kappel, Mrs. Daniel Npracklin, Mrs. Ira Merriman, Mrs. Walter Brosnan, Mrs. Floyd Elenz, Woonsocket. Di . Memoria: Denise Schroeder, Woonsocket; Mrs. Roy Sawyer and Peggy Jean ;Merlyn Bar- stead, Ernest Reimer. St. John's: Ma.s:. Paul Wolter, Mrs. Marvin. Boussu, Mrs. Floyd Elenz, ,,L,'s. Marvin  Kappel, Woonsocket; Larry Rogers, For- estburg. . ' Mobilize For Mercy As this year's Red Cross cam- the group together again for final paign nears its close there ar e orgamzaaon. So, m June camesome who have nt yet renewed into being the first voluntary as- their membership in the organi- sociation to it: di- i zation. Oul?. cliapier : is making seae. Tod x:]an all-out effort ti enroll/every qulais Aeit and).its t] adult as a Rel Crc member!We wo, k of 00t} affits,fight tt heartIy endorie :ithis objective ercalosis*.n eyL,lrt ,of, amt..urge eitie ¢fLSanbora United Stfieg:a i teiforieS. t County m respond In full measta, e- It was a widea In!tJll[t to-theapeal. , " , doctors; anti  :i0i Few org.  -he world,, ogethef t6"-ti[ "d'mdaSe_K -few today typify" th" democratic Krafts Salad or Horse Radish Mustard Our Family sliced PEACHES Van Camp - No. 2/ 303 can HTX In heavy ssa'upNo. 19c Pineapple Pork & Beans 25c Van Camp TUNA Our Family- 12 oz. tumbler t Our Family - 46 oz. can GRAPE JAM 23ci Orange Juice Red Star or Fleischmann YEAST. 3 pkgs. Durkee's 1 Shortening 3 lb. can Meat Department PEKLE PIMENTO MACARONI CHEESE MINCED HAM You00 49c Kraft Long Horn CHEESE lb. 49c Cudahy Puritan - thick slice Bacon lb. 73c Fruits ' Pink GRAPEFR 6 for Celery Cabbage lb. s Food Ma WpRDiVERy  PHoN E 6 1